Marco Tulio Zanini

Marco Tulio Zanini

A director of Symballein, Marco Zanini also works as a university professor in the areas of leadership, strategic people management, ethics applied to business, and intangible asset management. He was a pioneer in Brazil in the areas of trust within businesses and the integrated management of intangible assets.

Marco coordinated the Trust Inventory Project, an international research initiative undertaken in Germany that yielded the world’s largest database on trust within businesses. He lectures in and coordinates the Executive MBA at Fundação Getúlio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro, and is an associate professor at Fundação Dom Cabral.

He holds a master’s and a doctorate in business administration, the latter of which he gained from the University of Magdeburg, Germany, where he managed research projects and was a visiting professor and researcher in the strategic management of intangible assets and ethics applied to the organizational economy.

A specialist in the strategic diagnosis of intangible assets (culture, reputation, relationships of trust), Marco has served as an executive and consultant with Brazilian and foreign corporations, working on a variety of organizational development and intervention projects at Petrobras, TAM, Metalfrio, Braskem and the Rio de Janeiro State Government, among others.

As Manager of Development Programs for Executives, he was responsible for devising and managing organizational development programs for a variety of companies, including Bradesco, Vivo, Ipiranga, Petrobrás, Santander, Embraer and BRQ.

He is responsible for partnership programs with top executives from several companies, including Natura, Samarco, Siemens, Albert Einstein, Vivo, Petrobrás, Braskem, LG, Mendes Junior, Santander, Cemig, Cosan and Tecban. He undertakes research on the following topics: trust in labor relations; integrated management of intangible assets, and the formation of high-performing teams in special operations.

Marco Zanini has published the following books in Brazil: Liderança baseada em Valores (Editora Campus, 2009); Gestão Integrada de Ativos Intangíveis (Editora Qualytimark, 2009); and Confiança - O Principal Ativo Intangível de uma Empresa (Editora Campus, 2007); and in Germany: Trust within Organizations of the New Economy – A Cross Industrial Study (Deutscher Universitäts Verlag, 2007).


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