Livro Managing in The Dark

The present book is fruit of an effort to think, empirically and theoretically, on the question of the relation between authority, and the exercise of power by those in the management position, and the motivation for the workers to produce - That is, how an "organizational culture" is created and how it affects those who participate in it. It emerged from the need to explain why, and how, the workers of three studied factories (which belong to the same holding company, and produce similar products in the same market), had clearly different degrees of motivation to produce, and exhibited different attitudes towards the quality programs they needed to implement. This type of study is of significance because although there is a clear transformation in the nature of the industrial work - and a growing interest in the possibilities of the "design cultures", - there are relatively few efforts to analyze this trend with a detailed empirical data and firm theoretical ground. Before we can point to the effects organizational culture produces or before we can ascribe to it an external function as that of justifying an arbitrary social order, it is necessary to understand better the mechanisms of the symbolic production that makes the representations it creates appear as a reality to those who participate in it, thus endowing it with the efficacy we can observe.

Managing in The Dark
Carmen Migueles

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